The world vineyard

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Féchy is a winegrowing village that is proud of its traditions and of the vines it has been able to protect since 1971. In order to pass this cultural heritage on to the next generations, the Commune and the winegrowers joined together to create a special place: the World Vineyard.

An international plot

Below the 11th-century church, above a magnificent view of Lake Geneva and the Alps, a plot belonging to the Commune was transformed in 1996 to become the World Vineyard. Since then, each year, the winegrowers host a country of which the typical varietals are planted on one of the micro terraces that form this international plot. French Savoie launched things in 1996, so the World Vineyard gained Mondeuse Blanche and Noire, Viognier, Roussanne, Altesse and Cabernet Sauvignon. One year later, the guests of honour were Ukraine and Georgia. Portugal, Spain, Rumania and Luxemburg are some of the European countries that have been so honoured. Argentina and South Africa brought extra-European varietals to the foot of the Féchy church tower. In 2011, with New Zealand, a new continent added its contribution. The Commune winegrowers now care for 58 varietals. In September, these grapes are harvested and vinified separately to make a special vintage.

A charitable vintage

Since 2007, the winegrowers have organised a day dedicated to the World Vineyard at the beginning of June. This gathering is intended to present the sponsor, the association and the new vintage. In the autumn, during the Grape Festival, the bottles from the World Vineyard’s harvest are sold by the sponsor for the benefit of an association working with children, in keeping with the spirit of the original idea by the organising committee.


2016 Sonia Grimm singer
2015 Pascal Piemontesi et Michael Matthey wrestlers
2014 Caroline Chevin singer
2013 Dominique Aegerter et Randy Krummenacher Moto2 motorcycle riders
2012 Erika Hess-Reymond skier
2011 Raymond Burki press cartoonist
2010 Henri Dès singer
2009 Frédy Girardet chef
2008 Stève Ravussin sailor
2007 Stéphane Chapuisat footballer

Countries invited to the Grape Festival and varietals planted in the World Vineyard

2016 Canada Merlot / Gamay noir / Vidal / Acadie blanc / Solaris (from Gruyères)
2015 Armenia Arménia / Black kishmish / Itsaptuk / Shahumyani
2014 Liechtenstein Pinot Noir / Gamay / Gewürztraminer / Müller Thurgau
2013 Austria Gruner Veltliner / Traminer / Zweigelt / Saint Laurent
2012 Japan Chardonnay / Kerner / Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot
2011 New Zealand Chardonnay / Sauvignon blanc  / Pinot Noir
2010 United Kingdom Riesling Sylvaner / Seyval blanc / Dornfelder
2009 Slovakia Zlavata / Alibernet / Diamant / Müller-Thurgau
2008 Argentina Malbec / Torontès / Ceriza / Moscatel d’Alexandrie
2007 Rumania Tamaioasa Romaneasca / Grasse de Cotnari / Feteasca neagra / Babeasca neagra
2006 Germany Riesling / Müller-Thurgau (Riesling x Sylvaner) / Blauer Spätburgunder (Pinot noir) / Grauer Burgunder (Pinot gris)
2005 Grand Duchy of Luxemburg Rivaner (Müller-Thurgau) / Riesling / Auxerrois / Pinot Gris
2004 Spain Tempranillo / Vivra-Macabeo / Albariño / Granacha
2003 Hungary Juhfark / Hárslevelü / Olaszriesling (Welschriesling) / Furmint
2002 Greece Assyrtiko / Xynomavro / Agiorgitiko / Robola
2001 Italy Nebbiolo / Barbera / Sangiovese / Ugni blanc
2000 South Africa Syrah / Merlot / Pinotage / Chenin blanc
1999 Portugal Touriga nacional /Touriga francesa / Tinta Roriz
1998 German-speaking Switzerland Räuschling / Scheurebe / Müller-Thurgau
1997 Ukraine and Georgia Alvarna / Gretchesky Rosovy / Kolouboch
1996 French Savoie Mondeuse blanche / Mondeuse noire / Altesse / Roussanne / Viognier / Cabernet Sauvignon