Here is the list of Féchy vineyard terroirs, as well as the geological nature of each soil.

Calcareous soil with marl base
  • These are calcareous soils of medium or clayey texture, deep (100 to 150cm), into which vine roots spread easily.
  • It rests on marl highly compacted by glaciers and the roots rarely spread there.
  • Grass covers are necessary in all rows to calm the vines’ vigour while protecting the slopes against erosion.
  • This type of soil gives wine a slaty mineral character and a slippery texture in the mouth.
  • The quality of these soils depends on the quality of the drainage carried out by winegrowers, because the soils from clayey
  • moraines retain water temporarily despite the sometimes steep slopes.
Calcareous soil with compact limestone base
Colluvial slope-bottom calcareous soil
Non-calcareous soil
Rocky soil on spreading cones
Rough, sandy soil
Red non-calcareous soils

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