Here is the list of Féchy vineyard terroirs, as well as the geological nature of each soil.

Calcareous soil with marl base
Calcareous soil with compact limestone base
  • These are calcareous soils of medium or light texture, not deep (50-70cm), into which vine roots spread easily.
  • They rest on a rather limey marl that is extremely compact and can cause water stagnation problems deep down.
  • They are less fertile and must sometimes be ploughed
  • This type of soil gives wines a flinty mineral character and a powdery texture in the mouth.
  • Just as with the previous soils, their quality depends on the drainage carried out by winegrowers in zones where water accumulates between the soil and the compact marl below.
Colluvial slope-bottom calcareous soil
Non-calcareous soil
Rocky soil on spreading cones
Rough, sandy soil
Red non-calcareous soils

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