Vignoble classé

At the historic heart of the La Côte region, Féchy is considered to be one of the most prestigious winegrowing regions in Switzerland.

Logo de Féchy Vignoble Classé

The Commune is home to 177 hectares of vineyards, of which 70 have been listed in the inventory of landscapes and natural sites of national importance since 1971. The typicality of Féchy wines is guaranteed by the Grand Cru label.

In this same spirit of solidarity and attachment to our vineyard landscape, the members of our « Vin et Terroir Féchy » association join forces to preserve this heritage and perpetuate our forefathers' values.

Although vines have probably been tended in Féchy for even longer, the first historical traces are in the 12th< century when the village was ruled by the monks from the Grand-Saint-Bernard. This religious order cleared the hillsides to plant vines and continued in the village until 1536.

The mosaic of terroirs, putting the spotlight on the various place names in our Féchy vineyards, is a major asset, proof of authenticity and quality. Féchy is a national trademark, and associated with the evocative words « Vignoble classé », it increases the renown of its wines by showing their strong sense of place and terroir.

Its listed Grands Crus underscore the growers' care in respecting the requirements of our association, in cultivating and promoting the fruits of their work and their traditional know-how.



The indication « Féchy Vignoble Classé » is reserved for wines bearing the Grand Cru label from the Féchy production area as well as the indication of the cadastral designation and made from grapes harvested within the Féchy production area.

« Féchy Vignoble Classé » is reserved for plots situated within the Communes of Féchy and Bougy-Villars, as well as from the territory of the Commune of Perroy situated to the north of the de l'Etraz road, bordered on the west by the La Gaillarde stream and then the Bougy cantonal road; Commune of Aubonne, the « Curzilles » vineyard west of the Trévelin stream and north of the Chamberet road.

Wines enjoying the Grand Cru label must be entirely made from grapes whose natural sugar content is 5°Oe higher than the minimum requirements.

Wines bearing the Grand Cru label may not be blended, but the authorised assembly is defined by the regulations of the Vaud Cantonal Wine Act. The year must be indicated.

Winemaking practices

Wines must be obtained according to the requirements of integrated production, organic production or equivalent practices.

« Féchy Vignoble Classé » Grand Cru must be harvested by hand. Production limits are set by the Vaud Cantonal Regulation on Grand Crus.

Accepted grape variety

The only grape variety allowed is Chasselas.

Special provisions

Vinification and bottling must be entirely carried out in Canton Vaud.

Signatories undertake to conform to the entirety of the graphic charter.